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Bibi x Suspekt Pants 2.0

€ 107.25

Product description

OBS - XXL leveres ca. slut juni

!! Små i størrelserne !!

BIBI x Suspekt Printed Pants

All-over printed pants in taslan fabric, print matches the print of the BIBI x Suspekt Anorak.

Pants can manage quit a lot of rain, but seams is not taped or welded so in heavy rain some water can come through the seams. 

Elastic in waist and in foot opening.

All-over print is made from photos of mountain sides with green moss from the back country near Nuuk. 

Style is unisex but the size is scaled from a men's sizing chart, so women/girls should go down a size.

  • Fit: Regular
  • Composition: 100% PES
  • Care: Follow care-label.